When A Heart Weeps

TearMy heart is heavy. Broken. On days like today I wish my heart didn’t feel so much. I wish it didn’t hurt so deeply. The pain, at times, is unbearable.

There is One who weeps with me when my heart weeps.

My heart aches for the mother whose child has lived the first year of his life broken. He has spent more time in the hospital than at home. She holds him tight not knowing how many more days she has with him. Her heart weeps.

There is One who weeps with her.

A family torn apart. A father leaves. Another family, another marriage falls through the cracks of the church community. No one seems to notice.

There is One who sees. One who weeps.

A discouraged woman sits in the pew. She is considering suicide. She wonders if anyone would miss her. Does anyone see her tears, her pain, her loneliness.

There is One who not only sees but feels her tears as her heart weeps.

A man comes and sits in church Sunday after Sunday looking for answers. He is in bondage. He wants to believe that he can be free. He wants to believe he is loved. No one reaches out to him. No one takes the time to know him.

There is One who knows Him. One who loves Him.

I look around my community and see those who are dying a spiritual death. I see those who need a hug, an encouraging word. I see that woman whose marriage is failing. The mother who cries each night for her wayward child. I see the one who wonders where God’s people are in the midst of suffering.

Why aren’t we being the hands and feet of the One who has called us to Preach the Gospel. My heart weeps for I know I should do more. I know I can do more. But I struggle, for I am only one and a weak one at that.

My heart weeps. It is broken for the brokenness I see in my community. There is One is weeps with me. He has promised that He will be with me. He will be my strength, my Rock, my Counselor.

My heart weeps for I know I can not help them all, I am only one. But there is One who whispers to my heart, “minister to the ones I send you, it is enough.”

I will go. I will do the work of weeping with those who weep for I know there is One who also weeps with us.

Yet, You are Holy

My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? Far from my deliverance are the words of my groaning. O my God, I cry by day, but You do not answer; And by night, but I have no rest. Yet You are holy… Psalms 22:1-3


Life is hard. Death is all around us. Nations falling. Power and Greed rule the land.

Yet, You are Holy!

Marriages fail. Children abandoned, broken and murdered. Homelessness. Starvation.

Yet, You are Holy!

Dying Churches. Watered down gospel. False teachers preaching.

Yet, You are Holy!

Sickness. Suffering. Pain. Tears fall. Hearts broken. Sorrow overwhelms.

Yet, You are Holy!

“…O, You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel. In You our fathers trusted and You delivered them. To You they cried out and were delivered; In You they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalms 22:3-5

We can find true joy when we realize that no matter what we face in this life the character of God remains constant. He is and will always be Holy, Trustworthy and will never disappoint.

Father may we cry out to you in trust. May You alone be trusted for our deliverance. You alone are Holy and will never disappoint. May we be reminded that no matter where we are today, no matter what the journey entails, that You are Holy.

5 Things to Remember Before You Fall Apart

It never fails. I am in the midst of a crisis, no matter how big or small and I find myself at wits end. I am emotional, can’t seem to make a decision, at least a good one. So I stand there crying, wondering where it all went wrong, why I am here again. How did I fall into believing lies again? Why do I feel like I am falling apart?

Recently UpdatedI am weak. I forget my weakness. I call a friend and she reminds me that I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been in pain and my defenses are down.

She has had to remind me many times. I have forgotten all to easily. Too many times. But she is patient, she sees what I do not. She knows that eventually I will get it. There will come a day when I will be prepared before I am tempted to fall.

That day is today. I do understand better that when I am weak physically I will be open to attacks spiritually.  My enemy knows that when I am tired and in pain I am more vulnerable to his attacks.

Today I came across something written by Charles Stanley which is an excellent reminder. He uses the word H.A.L.T. but I also added an S. When we find ourselves about to lose control or we feel ill equipped to make a decision we need to remember to stop or “HALTS” and evaluate ourselves.

1) HUNGER – Am I hungry? Have I given my body proper nourishment? When can get cranky when we are hungry. And we we are hungry we are less likely to make good decisions or react in a good way.

Am I hungry spiritually? Have I been in the word consistently or am I starving myself of spiritual nourishment.

If I am hungry then I must eat. Eating something healthy is wise. If it’s spiritual hunger I need to run back to the word and read it. I need to drink deeply of His truth.

2) ANGER – Am I angry? Is there something I haven’t dealt with or someone? Anger can distort our judgment. Anger can also cause us to lash out or over react to our current circumstances.

If I am angry then I need to deal with it. I need to talk to someone about it, forgive or do whatever is necessary.

3) LONELY –  Am I lonely? Have I isolated myself? Do I have someone I could reach out to.

If I am lonely then I need to call a friend. I need to reach out and make new friends if I am in a season of not having many.

4) TIRED – Am I tired? Having I been getting less sleep? Sleep is essential for our bodies.  When we are tired we can find it harder to be nice. We can find it harder to think straight or make good choices.

IF I am tired then I need to be intentional about getting more sleep.

5) SICK – Am I sick? To I have a fever or a cold? Am I in pain or just overall feeling sick? When we are sick we often feel miserable and in that mindset we are not thinking clearly. Again, when sick, we often are less likely to be kind or patient with others.

When I am sick I need to take care of my body. I need to be aware that when I am not feeling well I may not act well.

So what can we do?

Most of us find ourselves in one or more of the above. We must remember that when we are tired, sick and hungry that it might not be the best times to try to make a major decision. When we are feeling lonely we must remember that we become more vulnerable to the lies of the enemy.

We must also be honest. Be honest with yourself and those around you. Share with them that you are tired and in a lot of pain and while you aren’t using it as an excuse you want them to understand.

We must pray. Admit to God where you are at. Ask for His help, His strength and His Spirit.

And finally we might want to delay any further decisions or actions until you address some of these things. You can deal with them later when you are better equipped to approach it with prayer, patience, and godly wisdom.

We can choose to not fall apart. We can choose to look at where we are physically, where we are spiritually and then take these things to the cross of Christ where we have unlimited access to His love, grace, strength and help.

Please hear me on this. If you are not in a good place spiritually or physically then it will effect you emotionally. It will effect your coping abilities and your decision making. You will be more likely to “fall apart”. But it does not have to be that way. You can choose differently.

Now that I understand how these things effect me I am better able to choose to rise above my emotions. When I am aware that I hurt and I am tired then I can be on guard and better prepared. I don’t have to fall apart! That my dear friend is freeing.